Advanced VoIP Services for Business Operations

From Virtual Receptionist to Business Text Messaging, discover how our VoIP solutions can transform your communication strategy.

From customizable features to unmatched scalability

Our solutions are crafted to enhance the efficiency of your operations and significantly reduce your communication costs.

Scalable as You Grow

Our VoIP services are built to grow with your business. Whether you're expanding from ten to hundreds or even thousands of users, our systems scale to meet your needs without significant new investments, making sure you're equipped for the future, whatever it may hold.

Tailored to Your Needs

Every business is unique, and so are your communication needs. Our VoIP solutions offer extensive customization options, from call forwarding and voicemail-to-email to advanced call routing and custom caller IDs, ensuring our services fit perfectly with your business requirements.

Comprehensive Softphone Apps

Softphone apps eliminate the need for traditional hardware by enabling calls through computers or mobile devices, directly addressing the need for mobility in communication. These apps integrate essential features such as video calls and multi-device syncing, catering to the dynamic needs of remote workers.

Advanced VoIP Desk Phones

From virtual receptionist to Business Text Messaging, discover how our VoIP solutions can transform your communication strategy.

Business Text Messaging

VoIP-based business text messaging addresses the demand for immediate and convenient communication, allowing companies to engage with clients promptly using their business numbers. This service is crucial for enhancing customer interactions and streamlining internal communications.

Voicemail to Email

The voicemail to email feature directly combats missed messages by sending voicemails as audio files to your email, ensuring you can respond swiftly and maintain connectivity, regardless of your location.
More reasons businesses love Mobex phone servcies
Flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solutions
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Web Console

Control all of your features, usage and information from our easy to use web console.

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VoIP Smartphone and Laptop Apps

Take the power of your desktop phone with you whenever and wherever you are on the move.

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Business Text Messaging

Text enable your business landline or toll-free number and start sending and receiving messages with your customers, using your existing telephone number that they already know!

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Add a virtual receptionist to your team who can route calls to the right people, answer basic questions, and give your company a professional appearance.

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