Microsoft Teams + Mobex

Seamless calling & texting with full PBX functionality

Communication inefficiency is not just an annoyance—it's a barrier to your business' success. Mobex integrates directly with Microsoft Teams to streamline your communication tools into a single, efficient platform. You can now have a complete Teams phone system, without the need to purchase any other Microsoft licenses.

Streamline communication processes and improve connectivity

Experience the convenience of integrated texting and calling on the same Microsoft Teams phone number when you sign up for Mobex Direct Routing or Operator Connect.

Voice + Texting

Transform your office communication with Microsoft Teams as your business phone system.  Effortlessly switch between chats, meetings, calls, and texts for a streamlined experience.

Full PBX Functionality

This includes features like multi-level auto-attendants, advanced ring groups, time-of-day routing, and more, fully integrated within Microsoft Teams

Gain insights into your communication with detailed analytics on calls, including breakdowns, origin, and demographics.

Mobex for Teams

Mobex for Teams adds calling and texting to your MS Teams app. Send and receive calls as well as texting with your own unique number. Mobex for Teams also adds full PBX functionality and can replace or integrate with existing phone systems.

All-in-One Communication

Merge your calls, meetings, and texts within Microsoft Teams. Transition smoothly across communication modes with minimal disruption to your workflow.

No New Hardware Needed

Integrate Mobex without the expense of additional hardware. Use your existing devices and infrastructure to keep costs down

Tailored to Your Needs

Choose from a range of features, including advanced call management and direct texting options, to create a solution that fits your business perfectly

Business continuity

Quickly place external calls from Microsoft Teams, boosting productivity.
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True Mobility & Flexibility

With Mobex, you gain the flexibility to operate from anywhere, transforming any space into an effective virtual office. This mobility is crucial for businesses looking to adapt to remote work environments or to streamline their communication processes.

Work From Anywhere

Your teams can finally operate effectively from anywhere in the world with full communication capabilities at their fingertips, ensuring no drop in productivity or collaboration quality.

Business SMS without using your personal line

Enable text messaging with your customers directly from Microsoft Teams. Choose your own phone number and expand your outreach without additional equipment.

Cost Efficiency

Eliminate the need for extra hardware and avoid large upfront investments. Mobex utilizes your existing infrastructure, saving you costs and simplifying setup.

Choose your Flexible SMS
Price Plan


An inbox number for each person to send/receive SMS from Microsoft Teams & Webex

$ 11.95/mo

USD per month
Monthly Term
1 User
1 Number
200 Free Texts/Month*
1 Campaign (10DLC)
Speak to Team

*Additional standard texts cost:
Inbound SMS texts: $0.01
Outbound SMS texts: $0.013
Inbound/outbound MMS texts: $0.03


Your team can share an inbox number to send/receive SMS from Microsoft Teams & Webex

$ 39.95/mo

USD per month
Monthly Term
10 Users
1 Number
1,000 Free Texts / Month*
1 Campaign (10DLC)
Speak to Team

*Additional standard texts cost:Inbound SMS texts: $0.01Outbound SMS texts: $0.013Inbound/outbound MMS texts: $0.03


Receive SMS 2fa/OTP codes for MFA directly in your Microsoft Teams channel & Webex space

$ 47.95/mo

USD per month
Monthly Term
Unlimited MFA Users**
1 Number
Unlimited Inbound Texts**
Speak to Team

*Microsoft Teams Channel members **Inbound texts only

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