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Specializing in VoIP services, Cellular Service, and Microsoft Teams integrations, we're here to streamline your business communications, making them more efficient, reliable, and adaptable to your unique needs.

Microsoft Teams Calling & Texting Solutions

Transform Microsoft Teams into your complete office phone system with Mobex for Teams. Our solution transforms your MS Teams by adding essential calling and texting capabilities, allowing you to send and receive calls and texts using your business number.

Mobex for Teams brings full PBX functionality, seamlessly integrating with or replacing your existing phone systems for a unified communication experience.

Powerful Business VoIP Solutions

Designed to reduce costs and boost productivity, our VoIP services offer unparalleled reliability and a host of features tailored to your business needs. Say goodbye to outdated phone systems and hello to a world of possibilities.

Mobex Mobile

Mobex Mobile turns your smartphone into a dual-line device, blending personal and business communications. Use your phone’s native features to easily switch between lines, maintaining professional interactions on company numbers and privacy for personal calls. This reduces the need for extra devices while preserving your brand’s integrity.

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