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Upgrade from your old desktop phone to Mobex Mobile and enjoy full PBX functionality on your cell phone. You'll have all the necessary flexibility with features like Time-of-Day routing, Ring Groups, and Auto-attendants. Do you prefer a desk phone or a computer softphone? That is no problem. We can integrate those with your cell phone, too.
Mobex Mobile highlights

Work From Anywhere Service designed for businesses with employees on the move.

Mobex Mobile allows any existing phone number, including Teams and VoIP, to be loaded onto an eSIM, enabling you to take your office communication with you wherever you go.
Ease of Use: Simple setup and usage, with business features like call recording, ring groups, virtual receptionist, and analytics, as well as many other features.
No App Required: Integrates natively into the mobile device’s dialer and messaging app, providing seamless connectivity for voice, data, and SMS.

What's different about this solution?

Easy Setup

The Mobex eSIM can be easily added to existing mobile phones by scanning a QR code.

Dual Personas

Enables separation of business and personal communications on a single device.

No App Needed

Integrates natively into the mobile device’s dialer and messaging app, providing effortless voice, data, and SMS connectivity. 

BYOD Mobile Phones

Enhance mobility, and reduce IT management and hardware expenses.

Global Service

Supports operations in 209 countries, with roaming plans covering over 30 countries.

Compliance Features

Offers features like call recording for regulatory compliance

Flexible Options for Your Needs
Not interested in Dual-SIMs or already have your own business phone? Mobex also offers regular SIMs with the added benefits of a full cloud PBX, providing comprehensive communication solutions for any setup.
The current state of

Mobile Communications in the Workforce

This surveyed data is from over 400 decision-makers and frontline workers, in addition to utilizing data from a report of CX and EX decision makers in 25 countries, to find the impact on productivity, staff morale and the bottom line.
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