Time For A Hosted PBX

In this article we will review what is a PBX that is working over a cloud.

Being able to communicate at all times is important for any business. With all the new technology focused around cloud computing, telephones systems for businesses are evolving as well. So what is a PBX that is working over a cloud? A Hosted PBX.

A hosted PBX offers companies the same high end features that a regular PBX offers for a fraction of the traditional cost. There are no huge upfront costs and it set up is easy to implement regardless the size of the company.With a cloud based PBX, the technology is adaptable and can be customized based on business needs. Companies can simply select the number of lines, features, and functionality that they need. In no time, their business communications are ready to provide a professional and efficient service to clients and customers.Lower monthly costs come in the form of a per user model which grants companies the flexibility to select their cost according to their needs.

These companies that use a hosted PBX are then billed for what they used rather than an entire system that does not get used all the time.In addition, with the low cost, companies do not need to sacrifice features. Companies will still be able to enjoy multi line phones, conference calling, voicemail, call transfer, unlimited local and long distance calls, virtual assistance, 800 numbers, and so much more.Furthermore, a hosted PBX can also provide additional capabilities that a standard PBX cannot.

For example, since your PBX will be hosted on the cloud, the ability to monitor calls from wherever the location may be is a feature many companies fine appealing. In addition, growth is seamlessly integrated with a hosted PBX. Remember, companies are able to keep track of their costs.Have more than one business in the same location? No worries.

A hosted PBX gives companies the ability to leverage key abilities to provide each business unit including but not limited to, a separate phone line and a professional appearance even if the same agents are the ones that are using the phones.

Deploying a hosted PBX can also provide additional capabilities that may not be immediately on the wish list. For instance, access to cloud-based solutions allows companies to grow seamlessly. Plus, the company running multiple businesses out of one location can leverage key capabilities to provide each business with a phone number and professional appearance, even if the same agents work all phones.

The question to ask is not if you should move to the cloud, but when. There are too many benefits available in hosted PBX to ignore; the time to start investigating is now.If you're wondering about where to start with a hosted PBX or have more question that this article was not able to answer, give us a call!

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