Direct Routing For Teams

In this article we will explore how Direct Routing can truly transform your business.

Microsoft Teams Users Can Now Seamlessly Integrate Office Phone Systems Using Direct Routing

Today, efficient communication is paramount. That's why Mobex's latest innovation is a game-changer for Microsoft Teams users. With Mobex's Microsoft Teams Direct Routing services, you can now enhance your communication experience by seamlessly integrating your office phone system. Let's explore how this integration can truly transform your business:

Benefits of Choosing Mobex for Direct Routing:

  1. Text Messaging: Empower your company and employees to send and receive text messages directly within Microsoft Teams. Say goodbye to managing multiple numbers or relying on personal cell phones or third-party apps. Mobex enables you to use a single number for both SMS and voice calls, simplifying communication and enhancing professionalism.
  2. VoIP Integration: Mobex for Teams seamlessly integrates with VoIP phones, allowing your organization to leverage existing investments. Whether you're considering a replacement or integration with your current phone system, Mobex's Direct Routing capabilities ensure a smooth process. This facilitates routing, transferring, and calling between Teams users and non-Teams extensions, such as VoIP phones.
  3. Platform-Level Solution: Unlike standalone apps or bots with loose service connections, Mobex for Teams is a platform-level solution. This enhances reliability and mitigates risks associated with untested third-party solutions and unexpected browser updates.
  4. Comprehensive PBX Functionality: Access all essential calling features your business needs, from multi-level auto-attendants and advanced ring groups to call recording (available for both Teams and non-Teams users) and time-of-day routing. Mobex for Teams provides a comprehensive suite of PBX functionality.
  5. Exceptional Customer Service: Benefit from our commitment to your success with exceptional customer service. Reach out via phone, text, email, live chat, video, or social media, knowing that we're here to support you at every step.
  6. Flexible Pricing: Our volume pricing model ensures that Mobex Direct Routing for Teams remains affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Enhanced Mobility and Security with Direct Routing:

Beyond these advantages, Mobex's Microsoft Teams Direct Routing operates natively on every device. Your employees can make calls and send texts from their business line, whether using a tablet, laptop/desktop, or a mobile device. This not only enhances convenience and mobility but also ensures the oversight and security essential for businesses.

If you're seeking a solution to streamline your communications on a single, efficient platform, reach out to us now for a complimentary consultation on our Microsoft Teams Texting and Direct Routing services.

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--Mobex provides business caliber telecommunications with customizable features to help you better connect with your customers. With Mobex, you have the added benefit of giving your small business a large business feel, and added security and value to your customers.

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